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Hotel Idile wine cellar

Idile B&B



  You are very welcome to see       our Wine Cellar and purchase      a perfect gift!

The wine cellar IDILE B&B contains a wine collection of traditionally popular wine producers from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. There is some wine from Croatia that is getting more popularity and recognition (Plavac mali, Zlahtina, Cabarnet Savignion). The wine from Austria represents the UNESCO world heritage wine region of Wachau (Veltiner, Chardonnay, Rheinriesling, Cuvee). We are particularly proud of our Swiss wine because Switzerland exports only 1% of its wine production. Amazing taste of white and red wines from Switzerland (Amigne, Ermitage, Fendant, Humagne, Muscat) are recognised by right the country‘s pride next to watch and cheese. Keeping our wines in the wine cellar with appropriate requirements for temperature, humidity and light guaranties the conservation and improvement of the quality of wine.

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